Box of Records

Trying to Solve a Decades-Old Musical Mystery:
What crime was committed
in the 1972 Simon & Garfunkel song
‘Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard’

Let’s look in on a likely police report from that fateful day:
Scene of Crime: schoolyard, unnamed

Time: possibly morning, given witness attire

Primary Witness: claims to be mother of perp

Description of Witness: pajamas; hair tousled, possible bed-head

Immediate Reactions by Family: shouting, spitting; threats of juvenile detention.

Court Advocate: priest, unnamed, possibly Catholic, alleged radical

Media Attention: cover of Newsweek

Alleged Crime: UNKNOWN

Duration of Incarceration: 2 days

Whereabouts of suspect: In transit, unknown destination

Last seen by: “Rosie” (aka: Queen of Corona), suspected accomplice

Secondary Witness: P.Simon, songwriter, wanted for further questioning

Secondary Witness Statement: “I just like saying the name Julio.”

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2 thoughts on “Box of Records”

  1. I have most likely sung ‘Me & Julio’ with you in my front parlor aka the music room. I feel that qualifies me to at least give this a go…
    The true crime: Growing up.
    (In my humble opinion, of course.)

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