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A Daily Demitasse of Poetry —
if you’ve only got a moment…

A city sparrow
touches down
on a bare branch

swipes his beak
against wood, this side
then that,

and flies away:
what sight
could be more common?

Yet I think
for such sights alone
I would live to ninety.

– from To Ninety
by Robyn Sarah

A Plate of Buttery Tea Cakes —
appetizers to the latest posts…

** The answer always is: “Tell the world the facts.”

** They’re morally complex women who value their own self-worth….

** The girl herself is a bit of a miracle…

** Now all she needed was a camera

A Trio of my Latest Posts —
freshest brewed…

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“Hard-Headed & Wilful”
November 28, 2023

Creative Teaching
December 17, 2022

sky-t-tray ABC index —
a peek into the recipe book

to sky-t-tray

Heirloom Blends —
my very first post + anniversaries…

My first post was about my mom…

(My mom, pictured here with her baby nephew
and the man she
didn’t marry)

January 6, 2019

In July 2019,
sky-t-tray celebrated
turning six-months old…

And January 2020
marked sky-t-tray’s
one-year anniversary

Celebrating turning
six-months old

Happy Half Year!
July 2, 2019
My mom, pictured here
wearing the hat
of the man she did marry.
January 7, 2020

The Question Tin
a dessert box of assorted ponderables

Question Selection #59

Do you have a memento from a
grandparent or great-grandparent?

(If you’d like to share your answer,
you can use the reply box below!)

It’s always fun to hear your feedback.

And thank you for reading!!

Set Pieces:

4 thoughts on “sky-t-tray”

  1. #43 – What kind of art can you escape into?

    Music. Always, music.
    Late night, when the whole wide household is fast asleep. My escape comes in the form of research, deep dives. I love following a song. Backtracking. Allowing a brief separate search when I read a new to me name or phrase. I’ll make detailed notes before returning to my original research.
    When my interest is perked, I’ll dig up a song or artists history until I’m satisfied I could do a Ted Talk on it by morning.

    1. Hey, speaking of deep dives, thanks for finding – and answering! – the Question Tin.
      I love music, too. In fact I fell down a rabbit hole just now researching who wrote the song you quoted (‘when the whole wide world is fast asleep.’) Did you know that ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning,’ has lyrics by Bob Hilliard. Then I had to see what else Hilliard wrote. Then I had to listen to a video of barely-out-of-his-teens Sam Cooke singing ‘Any Day Now.’ Jordan! It’s contagious!
      Can’t wait to hear your TED talk.
      xo – Aunt Kelly

  2. Haiku Corner — Wild Animals of Covid

    Salt Lake City, Spring

    Low-murmuring quail
    Cry of distant birds at dawn
    First light on koi pond

    Bridge over wild stream
    Meandering, chatting us
    Ducklings in first swim

    Sea Ranch, Summer

    White-bark pine lit gold
    Grey fox skirting twilight edge
    Dusk takes the back porch

    — Patricia

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