Acknowledgments & Photo Credits


A colossal thank you to Rachael Drozdoff for her unswerving practicality, technical acumen, and strategic hand-holding. Without you, this blog would still be scribbles in a notebook.

Many, many thanks to Rocky Donati for a myriad of technical assists as well as conceptual insights.

Three kisses of thanks to my daughter Elle for editing help and tea cup shots.

Thank you to Patricia Finnegan for her detailed editing, and for being a life-long, loving enthusiast of my many creative endeavors.

Thank you also to my brave first readers who gave helpful suggestions and galvanizing encouragement during sky-t-tray’s January 2019 launch: Pat McCune, Meg Lord, Lois Talkovsky, Leslie Boyer, Jordan Finnegan, and Cathy Summer.

Also, I want to send a special love note to my mom.
I started this blog on the one-year anniversary of losing her, and I think about her everyday.
It was through my mom’s example that I learned to never stop learning.
Sending this blog out into the ether is one small way of sending my thanks out to her.
Everybody needs a hero.
My mother Elizabeth will always be mine.

And of course, thanks to Prof B, a steadfast supporter of the arts and the love of my life.

Photo & Art Credits

** Thomas Ellis, original watercolor, detail from
‘Ann Arbor House, Jan 21, 1991’
(used as photo icon for ‘Front Parlor’)

** Carlyn Crystal, Vacaville Hills in B&W, Spring 2016
(photo within homepage photo)

** Steve Hardesty, Utah Flowers 2, April 2018
(photo above and icon for ‘Kudos’)

** Elle, Tea Cup 2, January 2019
(photo icon for ‘Purpose’)